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The Best Cold Press Juicer Recipes

Cold press juicers are such an important source of nutritional content for your body and if you have a cold press juicer lying around in your kitchen but you haven’t been using it regularly then you are surely missing out on a culinary blessing. Cold pressed juices are the healthiest addition to one’s diet especially if you are looking to incorporate healthier food items in your lifestyle. They are a great supplement to keep having during periods of intense workouts. Cold pressed juices are better in every way than market bought juices and if you are getting the maximum amount of minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants from juicing at home then why buy half-quality double-priced juices from the store.

There are many things which you can use your cold press juicer for and once you start applying these techniques on a daily basis you will get so accustomed to them and to the after-drink feeling of having cold pressed juices that you will not want to turn back from them. Juices cleanse the body and are also an especially great way to detox the insides if you have quit tobacco or any other narcotics. Although there is no sound scientific evidence to back these claims, many researches and dietitians say that consuming homemade juices can boost the immune system, prevent the occurrence of cancer, improve digestion, and help lose weight. It doesn’t hurt to stay on the safe side, does it? Besides, it is a fact that juices and fruits are healthier for one’s body than junk food and with generations of immune systems being weakened it is high time that we start caring for our body and develop a health-driven conscience.

Cold press juicers are not only good for juicing fruits but also for extracting nutritional content from vegetables and other greens. Therefore, if you want a healthy drink but due to medical reasons you are advised not to consume too much sugar, concocting a green mixture from your cold press juicer would be just right for you. Here we present a few recipes to try with your cold press juicer.


1/4 of a fresh pineapple, 1 ripe banana

2 oranges, 1 cup blueberries, 1 cup strawberries

Fruits and Vegetables

3 stalks of celery, 1/2 cucumber, 1 green apple, 1 pear

2 apples, 5 carrots, 1/2 inch ginger, 1/4 lemon


2 stalks celery, 2 cucumbers, 1/4 lemon

handful watercress, 4 bok choy leaves, a slice of onion, 4 carrots

These are only few recipes that we discussed here and you can find thousand of recipes online too in making your cold pressed machine working every day. Anything can be added to or removed from these recipes and you can experiment with them as you like depending on your taste and other preferences. We hope that this will encourage you to take your juicer down from the shelf it’s been sitting on and utilize it every day as part of your health regime.

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Massage Chairs Buying Guide

Massage chair is becoming an important element of the hectic life these days. However, you may not buy it without testing and checking. It just like buying a mattress; you  do so after checking and lying down and if you find it comfortable then you purchase it. What about the massage chair? Are you going to purchase without testing or trial?

Massage chair is a magical chair and miracle developed by the Japanese who test it for long periods sometimes for more than hours or until they get asleep on it. They believe that if it is not comfortable and you do not get a good sleep on it during try so you not need to buy it.  Usually Japanese people use the snooze mode while trying it. This is a good promotional technique; when people come in the shop and they see that people are sleeping on the massage chair then they get impressed and motivated to buy one. When buying most of the furnishing and electronics items it is considered to be necessary that the item be touched, felt, and tried before making the final decision. The sellers demonstrate the features, functionality and versatility of the brands in their shops. Therefore, in reality people would not buy a massage chair until they are satisfied with the comfort ability during the trial.

The massage chair is made for providing you easy access and comfort to the head, neck and shoulders while the robotic version of massage chair uses electric motors to vibrate and simulate the massage experience. Traditional massage therapists offer onsite massages which are expensive in the longer term and furthermore, you will need an appointment from them.  You will be dependent upon them for their timing; you cannot even call them on a daily basis in some cases for the massage therapy.

These massage chairs have been made for you and they provide you easy access to massage.  These massage chairs provide you mental peace, comfort and relaxation. If you are about to purchase a massage chair then be vigilant and do research before purchasing because there are various models in the market. There are other aspects you have to consider such as warranty and after sale service. You have to take care of your needs regarding the massage chair. You need to check whether home delivery and installation at home is being given or not and whether they are charging for it. You have to consider that are they providing you full coverage and warranty upon buying or not. You also need to check before buying that whether you will get or not hassle free onsite service for maintenance and repair.

Complete satisfaction is necessary before buying because you are buying best massage chair for your health, relaxation and rejuvenation read this article. Hence, you should understand how to use massage chair properly and review the instructions for usage, maintenance, and handling. This is an electric machine and wrong usage will not only be dangerous for your health but will not be good for the massage chair itself. Save yourself from unwanted injuries by getting full information about the usage.

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Benefits of doing Waist Training for Men

men waist training

The waist trimmer belt craze is across the world and especially amongst ladies. Females are well aware of the benefits and these waist trimmer belts make it likely to get the perfect hourglass shape. However, it is also being popular amongst men who are eager to have the perfect T-shaped body and looking for ways to get rid of their belly fats.

What do Men’s Waist Trimmer Belts do?

Waist trainers are used to reduce the size of the waist. Waist trimmer belts are used during workouts. A waist trimmer is generally made from a material similar to neoprene. This material possesses insulating qualities and they enhance the body temperature during exercises. People who put on waist trimmer belts during workouts are expected to have more sweating and hence; would lose weight rapidly and easily.

Benefits of Men’s Waist Trimmer Belts

When a high temperature would be maintained throughout exercises, it would be easier to get rid of stubborn belly fat. The adipose tissue around the abdominal area is extremely stubborn and is quite difficult to get rid of. The process can however; be simplified with the help of waist trimmer belt which can deliver faster results as compared to working out without them.

Universal waist trimmers are generally wider and longer and hence; could be used by men and women both. These belts are equally beneficial for both the genders and both male and female bodies respond to elevated core temperature and workout in exactly the same manner. Belly fat is in fact, a more widespread problem among males. Generally, females accumulate fats in the buttocks and hips, most males accumulate fats over their abdominal muscles.

While wearing the waist trainer for men, you can do weight lifting, bodybuilding, and cardio workouts. Waist trimmer belt can not only result in rapid fat loss but also provides support to the lower back and abdominal muscles. This reduces the risk of muscle strain or injuries during intense workout sessions. Moreover, the belt’s warming effect is quite therapeutic as it enhances recovery and reduces muscle soreness.

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