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A business plan, a financial model and a serious and professional presentation are the business card of any technology company, whether it is at the seed stage or at an advanced stage. Without these accessories, it will make it difficult for the company to transfer the entire range of business and technological aspects and, more importantly, the potential of the company to investors and potential partners. Therefore, a business plan, a financial model and a professional and up-to-date presentation are the springboard for the future, whether for raising capital, creating business partnerships and, of course, professional management of the company. Alternatively, lack of or lack of professionalism in the preparation of these important aids may cost the young company a heavy price of inability to raise capital, underestimating the potential of the company by potential investors and even positioning the company as “unprofessional”. Just as an entrepreneur should be assisted by a tax adviser in building the company and in an attorney to create investment agreements and with the registration of expert patents, etc., the entrepreneur would do well to help an expert prepare business plans and build financial models,